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Here are some important locations, housing information, our Halal dining recommendations, book recommendations, class recommendations, and other useful resources.

Prayer Spaces

018 Champlin

Brown Muslim Students' Center

The BMSC is an area in Champlin Hall where Muslim students can come to pray, read Quran, access Islamic texts, and more. The space has a small wudu station and kitchen for cooking halal food. To use the space, students must contact the BMSA to gain swipe access.

201 Thayer St

Sci Li Prayer Room

This prayer room is a small room on the 12th floor of the Sciences Library. To use the space, students must request a key from the service desk at Level A.

69 Brown St

Page-Rob Prayer Room

This prayer room is a small room on the 4th floor of Page-Robinson Hall. There is no process necessary to access the space.

103 Thayer Street

New Dorm Prayer Room

This prayer room is located at New Dorm just inside the Vartan Gregorian Quad. To gain swipe access to the space, students must e-mail

222 Richmond St

Alpert Medical School

This prayer room is inside the fitness center on the 4th floor of the Alpert Medical School a few minutes away from Brown's main campus. This space is only available for the use of medical students.

121 South Main Street

Public Health Building

This prayer room is located at Room 243B in the Public Health Building.

Halal Dining

List Subtitle

Brown University Dining Halls

All non-breaded chicken is Zabiha Halal at all of Brown's dining halls. Occasionally, other Zabiha Halal meats are served as well, as designated on the menus of each individual dining hall.

288 Thayer St

Mike's Calzones

Mike's is a local restaurant on Thayer St. that serves wraps, sandwiches, and calzones. 

Note: Only the chicken shawarma and lamb gyro are Zabiha Halal.

833 Hope St

Not Just Snacks

NJS is a Zabiha Halal restaurant serving Indian cuisine. It is located just a few minutes away from campus down Hope St. For more information, please click the link to their website below.


Religious Housing Accommodations

Brown University Residential Life provides religious housing accommodations for students who should need it. Accommodations for Muslim students range from rooms with semi-private bathrooms to suites for upperclassmen. Students will be given the option to submit an accommodation form through the BMSA before the Housing Lottery each year.


The Quran




Islam, Violence and Media

Nancy Khalek

RELS 0090M. One of the most controversial issues in contemporary political discourse is the question of Islamist violence and its relationship to Islamic religion and practice. In this course, we will explore the phenomenon and media representation of radicalization, and their relationship to a number of institutions and issues, including but not limited to: religious texts, global politics, colonialism, war, and nationalism. The goals of this course are to familiarize students with the historical and discursive issues pertaining to radicalism and religious violence in Islamic and non-Islamic contexts, and to posit questions about what constitutes “radicalism” in a given tradition or cultural context.

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