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Dhikr Gathering


Taqwa Thursdays


Brothers' & Sisters' Check-Ins

Mondays 5:10-5:30PM

Students gather for a short evening of dhikr to destress and recalibrate, led by Imam Amir. Arabic, transliteration, and translation of dhikr will be provided on screen as a visual aid. Follow along or just listen in the background while you work.

Thursdays 7:30-8:30PM

Taqwa Thursdays are casual, intimate gatherings that happen every Thursday night in the BMSC. At each event, students meet to share an excerpt from the Qur'an, an interesting lecture, or another piece of Islamic knowledge. Afterward, students discuss how this knowledge relates to their own lives.

Sundays 1-2PM

Every Sunday, students come together for their respective brothers-only and sisters-only check-in groups. These casual gatherings are a time where students can share and reflect about their current state of iman (faith) and provide support for each other.


Jummah Prayer


Friday Night Socials

Fridays 1:10 PM

Jummah prayer has resumed in-person for Summer 2021 with masks and social distancing. If you cannot make it, you can listen in on the live audio broadcast.

Fridays Time TBD

Weekly Events

Note that all times are in EDT

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