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Welcome to the BMSA

السلام عليكم

Peace be upon you

Praying In Mosque

Our Purpose

The BMSA intends to build a unified community — built upon the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ — that is open to all those who identify as Muslim or are interested in Islam, regardless of degree of practice. The BMSA strives to follow the Prophetic example of standing for justice among communities locally and globally, foster greater Islamic literacy among its members and the broader community in collaboration with the University’s Muslim Chaplain, and create strong bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood — appreciative of and enriched by differences — between members. Through these goals, the BMSA aims to enable members to build a deeper connection to Islam in every aspect of daily life.

Upcoming Events

Please direct your donations to our Venmo: @brownmsa

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